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 Not too terribly long ago, I had the pleasure of seeing my family. My whole family, including my Beautiful Nieces.

It was the holidays, so a good bit of that time was spent in eating things my waistline didn’t need and playing games and even a smidge of Christmas shopping here and there.

[Pause to freak out: Christmas is almost here! Am I ready??? Auuuugh!]

OK. I’m all right now. Back to topic.

At one point my Second Beautiful Niece was entertaining herself with some sort of sign-up form she’d created, which included a “Mad Lib”-esque portion, along these lines: Continue reading “Pretty?”

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12-12-12 and other cool dates

The Jetsons
The Jetsons (Photo credit: Wikipedia) in their flying car.

It’s December 12, 2012.

It’s the last year that there will be a triple-repeating date like this for a very long time (in that there is no 13th month, in case anyone is not following along with the reasoning). Best we will do for the next 88 years is Jan 3, 2013 (1-3-13) etc. (Or I suppose, if you’re in parts of the world that put the day first when you shorthand dates: March 1, same deal.) Continue reading “12-12-12 and other cool dates”

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Don’t trust the post office (revisited)

A diagram showing the reverse side of a typica...
A diagram showing the reverse side of a typical credit/debit card. (1) is the magnetic stripe. (2) is the signature strip (3) is the CVC2 code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two months ago, I went to pay one of my bills online, and as I did so it almost randomly occurred to me that I could not remembered when I’d last paid my credit card bill. So I checked, and it turned out that I had last paid a little over a month ago.

Uh oh. That’s ominous. Continue reading “Don’t trust the post office (revisited)”

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Well played, Mr. Spammer

no spam!
no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following Superstorm Sandy (she’s not even referred to as a Hurricane anymore, yo) I was without power for roughly a week. Which, comparatively speaking, makes me extremely fortunate.

I mention it because I posted about it under the title of being “powerless” and today I got this amusingly almost-on-target bit of spam-commentry: Continue reading “Well played, Mr. Spammer”

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Ciao Italia!

Venice decorated for the Christmas holidays (2009)
Venice decorated for the Christmas holidays (2009)

Three years ago this month, my sister and I went to Italy. It was our first “sister’s trip” (and only, so far), and our first time to Italy (and only, so far). It was a great trip… in part because Italy is amazing but even more because I was able to share it with my sister.  As I hacked and wheezed my way through the countryside. Continue reading “Ciao Italia!”