faith, flotsam

First snow

I think today was our first snow of the year. It’s hard to remember… Things have been so crazy post-Sandy.


A little blurry. I was shivering.

Today I learned that as crappy as it is to drive in snow, it’s worse to drive in snow, with a low tank, on even/odd day gas restrictions, and find that the gas station you diverted to doesn’t actually have any fuel.

Today I learned that not MUCH visible recovery progress is being made, but some is. And that it doesn’t take much heavy, wet snow to undo some of the progress in very short order.

Today I was reminded that it takes very little snow to make roads and sidewalks very slick indeed.

Today I decided that tomorrow I’m going to work from home.

But today I am thankful that I still have heat, light, and a roof over my head to return to no matter what the commute felt like. That I did, eventually find a gas station. That I didn’t, in fact, slide off the road or off my feet. That I have life and breath, by grace alone.

And I’m thankful for you, too. Hope you are feeling thankful too.

2 thoughts on “First snow”

  1. I am so glad you’re safe and sound. Take it easy tomorrow. It’s dark and spooky here, looking out at the snow-laden trees, bending in the wind, wondering if the power will be going out again.


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