The storm blew through, ripping down branches and power lines, and flinging anything and everything else it could in all directions.

Between 7 and 8pm, I lost power. Not unexpected, but of course, not convenient either. Candles were lit and dispersed in safe areas and then I called the power company. They weren’t yet aware of the outage. Not that they could do anything about it until the winds quiet.

I checked in with the Rents and settled in for a few hours while the storm drew closer and the wind got crazier.

The wind had already been scary. In the dark, it was that much worse. My devices still had charge but no Internet access. I tried to send an email to a friend but couldn’t be sure it had gone through.

The thing I would normally do without power is go to bed. Why stay awake in the dark with nothing to do?

Uh huh. There are no rooms in my place without windows, and I didn’t want to be anywhere near windows. I made myself a little nest in the hall. Then I noticed the flashlights. There were guys going around last night. Knocking on doors. Occasionally being let in. Then coming out again.

One wonders if something is going on. One wonders if there’s evacuations. One wonders why if it’s official and the maintenence staff, why they aren’t using their keys to get into the outside doors, at least. Or, you know, picking up any of the debris.

Eventually I got enough of a signal to get the emergency txt number for local township updates, so I didn’t feel so disconnected from actual events. Eventually I got a txt from a friend whose simple “It will be Ok” made me feel like it actually would be. Eventually the storm moved off enough for me to move into my bedroom and sleep properly. Eventually morning came.

Out my bedroom window, I can see that all the loose lawn furniture in the area managed to be thrown into the neighbor’s yard. And yet not through my window, so Yay.


When I walked out to my car to charge devices, I can report shingles and pieces of siding pulled off the building,


and shreds of leaves spewed all over the cars in the lot. (Until I got close enough to see what it was, it looked like we’d all taken our cars offroading or something.)

On the other side of town, they were hit a lot worse. And I’ve heard that along the shore there’s absolute devastation (barely connected to the outside world, I haven’t yet seen the images.)

Here it’s not fun, but really, it’s not so bad.

No idea when the lights will be back on. No idea when phone service will be restored. No idea when this post can go up, though this has the best chance. But thankful for the prayers of all, and for making it through.

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