Here she comes

National Hurricane Center – Wind History for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy’s made landfall here on the East Coast. I’m inland, away from the worst of the flooding (so far; we’ll see what wind and rain do to the local rivers), and north and west of the hardest-hit areas, but even near here major routes are closed as are some of the usual low-lying areas. (UPDATE: Apartments on the other side of town, which abut the river, have been issued a mandatory evacuation order.)

There’s bad flooding down at the shore, and trees and lines are down in various places between here and there.  The worst of it still hasn’t gotten to us yet, but the winds are already pretty intense. It’s not just howling. Oh no. Every once in a while there’s a rumbling sound outside that sounds like some kind of large equipment has pulled up in front of the building. But it’s not a large engine, it’s a gust of wind. Every once in a while it gives the building a good, hard shake.

The next few hours ought to be interesting.  Be safe, y’all.

Great is the LORD.

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