Hatches battened

I woke up from nightmares – about the storm of a project at work, not about the actual storm that’s approaching – but since there’s so little I can do about The Nightmare Project at present, I just moved straight into storm readiness.

Honestly, I hadn’t been doing a lot to prepare. I live in an upper-floor apartment with no patio, so there was no outdoor furniture or decorations to bring in. I already have a few days of drinking water on hand. All of my windows (or all but the one in the kitchen) already have their blinds and curtains closed, because I live like a mole in the dark most of the time. I already own candles, so just making sure I have the matches handy is no big deal. I don’t own a battery-operated radio, and at this point there’s zero chance of acquiring one (or batteries to go in it) so I might as well live with the fact that if/when we lose power, I’ll be cut off from the world.

But I got up this morning and thought through it all again. Just to be safe. I ran through some of the preparations lists that are available online, plus the one the apartment complex sent out. And then I thought through past storms. Like, when Floyd went through some years ago, it did major damage to the water treatment plant for this area. Water out of the tap wasn’t potable for months  without first boiling it, and wasn’t fit to even be bathed in for at least the first week. Probably won’t happen again… but I still went ahead and filled every pitcher and pot-I’m-not-likely-to-cook-in-anytime-soon with water, just in case. Washed the handful of dirty dishes, too, while I know the water is clean enough to do that.

After the safety check, I started thinking about the quality-of-life issues. So I ran a larger pot of coffee than I need and put the extra into a thermos so if there’s no power tomorrow, I still have passably decent coffee available. Took out the trash, just for good measure, because that’s not something I particularly want to be cooped up with over the long term. Charged my cell phone (and my Kindle; protection against boredom). Made sure the people most likely to check in on me know which number will still be functioning in the absence of power. Ran out and topped off my gas tank (per the preparations lists), and then swung by the grocery store for just a few odds and ends (soup; no bread left but I have the makings here at home; bottled water miraculously still available; took out a couple bucks just to have a smidge of cash-on-hand). Made sure my BFFs are storm-ready (got an offer to come stay with one family if I didn’t want to ride it out alone, so they just became my evacuation plan, in the somewhat unlikely event I should need one).

There’s not much more I can think of here to get ready. Other than to just do what I would do anyway: pray.
Which is never a bad plan, in any circumstances.

Guess I better go get my soon-to-be homemade bread thrown together to start rising. If you’re in the path of the storm: be wise, be safe, be in His care. If you’re not: be well, be good, and – if you would – be praying for us.