Impending doom

Apparently, the storm that’s heading for the East Coast at present – call it Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm or the Storm of the Century or The Perfect Storm Two: The Revenge, as you like it – is going to blow in and wreak havoc. I almost said “and kill us all” (and actually did tweet to that effect) but then I realized how glib and insensitive that is, in light of the fact that it already did kill a bunch of people in the Caribbean and that was before it even made plans to meet up with the other two storms it’s supposed to party with in a few days. Not to mention how much damage Irene did and it wasn’t nearly as big as this monster is supposed to be.

I guess I’m just hoping that for all the models and predictions, the storm will decide not to hook left after all. That it will blow out to sea leaving us shaking our heads at the media frenzy, and rolling our eyes at our own panic, and bored with the nothing-but-rain-after-all it would leave as it blows by.

That would be nice, no?

Of course, the headache that’s gathering tells me the pressure is changing already. Something is definitely coming. How big and how bad (the storm and/or the headache will be) remains to be seen.

Good luck, and God bless. Be safe and stay dry out there.

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