Playing catch-up, and stuff

English: Laundry hung out to dry in the Panier...
Not my laundry. My hang-dry items end up hanging on the stair railing, instead. Is that TMI? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) English: Laundry hung out to dry in the Panier district of Marseille, France

While I’ve been playing catch-up at work, I have inadvertently neglected my loyal readers.

To all 5 of you: Please accept my apologies. 🙂

So here, in abbreviated form, are some of the oh-so-(not necessarily)-exciting things you’ve missed since my last post…

  • The ladies came over on Saturday. Actually, this was wonderful, as always, but that’s not really “news” because this is always wonderful. What was new, this time, was it forced me to hurry up and finish unpacking, because I’d still had odds-and-ends in the bottom of my suitcase to find homes for. And, you know, put the suitcase away. Etc, etc. All of which I scrambled to accomplish at the ridiculous hour I got home from work on Friday night, because it was a whole week of ridiculously long worknights.  (My apartment was not in the state I’d like it to be in for company. But everyone lived, so I guess all’s well that ends well.)
  • Laundry got done. You wouldn’t think this needed a bullet point, but it does. First, because there was a lot of it: 8 days of vacation laundry, plus a week of work clothes. Second, because it didn’t go entirely smoothly: I got down there with enough whites for one regular load and enough dark clothes for a very full high-capacity load. An hour later, my whites were drying happily, but the dark clothes were… not. In that the washing machine unlocked and released my clothes, and they were dry. Bone dry. Oh, wait, except for a pant leg here, and a sleeve there, of whatever was in the far back and bottom. THOSE parts of my clothes were extremely clean (and extremely wet) having had the benefit of the entire load’s worth of soap and water. Absent spinning, however, nothing else had been touched.  (Everything comes out, gets split into two regular loads, I run back up for soap again since I’d thought I was DONE with that stage of things another couple bucks off the laundry card and another 45 minutes of my life sucked away… blah blah blah. Grousing and grumbling ensues.) At least there were machines free. And now I have clean clothes. So again, all’s well that ends well.
  • There was work stuff, and life stuff, and family stuff. There was a lot of stuff. But it’s not all stuff I want to hash through right now. Anyway, the Chinese food I ordered for dinner (because I had no stuff in the fridge) just arrived… so I think now I’m going to go catch up on dinner.

Have a good night!


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