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Oct 7: Adventure day 9

Today’s planned itinerary:

Oklahoma to Kansas

I was up early and the sky over Tulsa still bore the colors of sunrise as I left for points north. Rivers steamed in the morning air as I crossed over them. It was just before 9AM when I crossed into Kansas. For miles on end I was seemingly the only car on the road; miles of open country and wide, blue skies. God has given us a world that’s immense and beautiful… even fallen as it is. I’m thankful to see it.

I got to Topeka a little before noon, just in time for the Apple Festival. It was taking place, conveniently enough, at a historical site that I would have tried to see (as part of my “do-something” rule) so that was all quickly checked off my list. Too quickly, actually. I decided to stop for lunch before making my next plan.

I had a good lunch – being way too picky about breakfast foods (aka skipping breakfast) will do that – and asked my waitress what a person should see with just a day in town. I’d already been to the festival, of course, and knew there was a zoo on the way, but zoos are just only so entertaining.

Her advice was to catch a movie, because – in her words – there’s really nothing to do in Topeka and nothing going on here.

Good enough for me. I adjusted my hotel stays and continued north to Lincoln, Nebraska. Seven+ hours on the road today, but I made it. Tomorrow morning I’ll see my cousin and his wife and their newest addition. Yay!

Updated itinerary:

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