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Oct 6: Adventure day 8

Today’s planned itinerary
put me in Oklahoma, traveling between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

One of the reasons I built today’s itinerary to be Tulsa-OKC-Tulsa was that I wanted to build in flexibility for my schedule. What if I got to this point and couldn’t bear another day of driving? Better to have the ability to stay put in one place than to have to press on.

Turns out, I like to press on. I like being on the move more than I like finding my own way around a place (especially a city) once I’ve arrived. Even a reasonably nice one. And Tulsa’s nice. And I know I didn’t see anything like all I should see while I’m here. Plus I’m sure it would be fun to wander about town today in a Golden Hurricanes shirt, since it’s a game day (even if they are “away”).

Still, this morning I felt sort of done with making my way through Tulsa. The road was calling.

I actually gave thought to pressing on over to OKC as planned and then straight on up to Topeka. But that would make it a 7 hour day, before stops, and that seemed like a bit much even for me.

Not that I don’t think I could do it. I totally could. Probably.

Coulda shoulda woulda. But didn’t.

Anyway, I stuck to the original plan: I went to Oklahoma City for lunch, via historic Route 66, while flecks of ice bounced off my windshield. (THAT incidentally was not part of my plan.)


The irony that I would drive 2+ hours for lunch, when I usually think it’s too much trouble to pop across the street to Panera Bread (and I do love me some Panera), is not lost on me. And sure, I know there’s a Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Tulsa but that one is not in Stockyard City and is not the one listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die and didn’t entail a visit to the Route 66 Interpretive Center (pictured above if the photo insert worked) or a swing by the Oklahoma City Memorial.

Lunch was really good: I had the small bacon-wrapped filet with a baked potato and a salad (and just when I was really longing for both beef and green leafiness).

I can assure you I will not be having dinner. Ok, maybe just some ice cream.

One cool thing about returning to Tulsa for tonight, rather than pressing on, was being able to hear the TU-Marshall game. Had I been heading North I’d have lost reception halfway to my destination, and the game was action-packed and finished with a win; I would’ve hated to miss that.

Tomorrow I head north into Kansas. There is an apple festival (and apparently a continued Arctic blast) with my name on it.

In a couple of days I’ll be in Kansas City (for only about 24 hours so I’m counting on you experts for suggestions. Let me know, okay?)

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