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Oct 5: Adventure day 7

Today’s planned itinerary

put me in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you happen to find yourself in Tulsa after nearly a week on the road, and if (a) you haven’t packed enough clothes for another week on the road – which is probably good in my case in that even if I’d wanted to haul one around, my tiny Aveo could not have fit a full sized suitcase – and (b) you happen to be up early enough that almost nothing you’d want to do, tourist-wise, will be open, then the thing I recommend is to pop over to Liberty Laundry. I am sure that between the no caffeine and the general lack of familiarity with laundromats I seemed like the biggest moron to ever set foot in Oklahoma, but Brian was patient and helpful in the extreme, even though it was only a little after 7 and his day had just begun. I highly doubt that I would be nearly so likeable at that hour, in his place.

Yes, they offer Wash & Dry service too but it was so early and so empty, and I had so little to wash, that I just took care of it. Besides, they’re calling for highs of 54 today in Tulsa, and it was nowhere near that “high” at that hour. I’ll stay inside a bit longer, thank you.

This portion of my blog was brought to you during the rinse cycle. ūüôā I multitask, yo.

After that I filled the tank en route back to the hotel (Did I say I was getting to be a pro at pumping gas? I lied. The pump insisted I only wanted 3 cents worth and I had to go inside to straighten that out. No big deal; I was irritated at first but the attendant was quite disarming, as southern men of all ages can apparently be.)

Next stop was Gilcrease Museum, which if signs are to be trusted, is part of University of Tulsa. It was across town. Tulsa is sprawling. I can’t say it has a “feel” to speak of, but ubiquitous construction notwithstanding, it’s fairly easy (thank you, GPS) to navigate. I got to the museum early but they let me wait inside which was nice because IT WAS COLD this morning.

Most of the museum is dedicated to native peoples of the Americas and the American West. One of the exhibits was a series of panoramic photos by Gus Foster and he gave a presentation later in the morning. On my way out, Mark (at the greeter’s desk) gave me a lot of helpful suggestions for more to see and do here in town.

My next stop was the Philbrook Museum, where I had lunch, browsed the exhibits and walked the grounds. I was one of the only people doing so, most of the time I didn’t see another soul outside. Like I said… COLD today.

At one point I was walking along a side path and a fox stepped out ahead of me. We saw each other at the same time, both froze – possibly both mistrusting our eyes for a moment – and then he ran back into the underbrush.

When I was done “museuming” I swung by the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens (again… it is *chilly* today… note to self: pick up some cold medicine) and then I took myself on a driving tour of the downtown area. Cool architecture, and not too crazed for a city and a weekday afternoon.

All right, Tulsa is turning into a book already, so that’s enough for today.

Tomorrow I either stick here in town, or swing over to Oklahoma City. Decisions, decisions. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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