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Oct 4: Adventure day 6

Today’s itinerary:

Arkansas to Oklahoma

I don’t know what it is out here, but the regular (not “robust”) coffee is bitter like they’re trying to make up for the lack of Starbucks/poison along the way. (They needn’t – I don’t like Starbucks, or bitter coffee in general. I’m hoping that since there IS a Starbucks down the street here, for those that prefer it, they’ll stop with the battery acid passing itself as coffee. ) There also hasn’t been bacon or low fat yogurt for breakfast for days now. Harrumph!

Well that all just means I don’t waste time over breakfast in the morning. By a few minutes after 8 I was already out on the road, bitter coffee in hand. Today I was headed for Tulsa, but decided late yesterday to get there by way of Eureka Springs. They have a famous Passion Play there, and a living Bible museum. With a good 3 hours to Tulsa I wasn’t going to stay until 7:30 pm for the play to start, but I went through the presentations at the museum, and went to see the statue of Christ of the Ozarks.

I think I’ll just pause here to talk about radio. The scan button on the car radio is serving me well. Heading north from Mississippi there was a mix of oldies, contemporary country music, some sports talk, rock/pop, and Christian. As I got toward St. Louis, the country and Christian thinned but sports talk more than made up the slack. Headed back south to Branson, Christian squeezed out most talk and all of the oldies (some pretty twangy country eked back into the mix); I ended up listening to a teaching for wives for a good while. Today heading West I picked up my first Spanish-speaking channels, and oldies, and pop and rock came back on the air.

Why, P!nk, how I’ve missed you! Katy Perry, what a nice and surprising offset to an old Eagles tune!

Anyhoo, after Eureka Springs, I ended up driving some of the most beautiful, rural roads ever. A couple of one-lane bridges scared me a bit along the way but it was truly lovely country. I passed from Arkansas into Oklahoma without fanfare (or even knowing I had) and avoided the Turnpike in favor of more back roads. That stretched out the drive time but eventually I made it to Tulsa. Which is a city, of course. Busy busy busy.

I had no end of restaurant chains available to me here but I opted for something local and recommended by the hotel. Ti Amo doesn’t look like much outside but inside the atmosphere is nice. Romantic, appropriate to the name, but I was there too early for my solo-osity to raise eyebrows. Dinner came with a piece of bruschetta and they tempted me away from salad with lobster bisque. (Yes, I know, seafood so far from the ocean. Hey folks, I hadn’t eaten all dang day: the bisque was peppery but it was good.) My actual dinner was disappointing but I chalk it up to my choice, not the kitchen. Nevertheless, unprompted they took half off my dinner charge, and they wouldn’t let me argue the matter. (I tipped well.)

I also found the local laundromat (“fluff and fold, baby!”) that I’d planned to use, and got the address for the State Fair (provided we don’t get the forecasted downpours), and have taken something against the impending headache (Note to self: you cannot go all day without food or adequate water … you bought provisions: use them.)

I’m almost halfway through this adventure, and in case you can’t tell, I’m liking it. It’s definitely very different from my Everyday.

Plus, I’m getting to be a pro at pumping gas. 🙂

Tips for Tulsa still welcome! Thanks gang!

2 thoughts on “Oct 4: Adventure day 6”

  1. I’m enjoying your daily reports. I wish I had some tips for you, but alas, I do not. I love you and look forward to our next vicarious adventure :).


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