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Oct 2: Adventure day 4

Today’s planned itinerary

  kept me entirely in Missouri.

The sun came out today – finally packing sunglasses paid off – as I left St. Louis en route to Tulsa.

No, not really to Tulsa. Or not yet. But that was what the highway sign said, directionally speaking.

No, today I was Branson bound. I got a ridiculously early start, avoiding the worst of city weekday morning traffic. The drive was long, and scenic (in some places more than others) and bespeckled with flashes of yellow and orange and red. Fall is coming!

I swung by the Dickerson Zoo in Springfield but decided to pass… I gave my discount coupon to a woman in line. I stopped at Lamberts for lunch at PL’s suggestion. Very tasty, but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around having a hot roll thrown to me.

Eventually I made my way to Branson where Silver Dollar City was closed (reopens tomorrow) and Ride The Ducks was packed but I was able to get a ticket to the 4pm sailing of the Showboat Branson Belle.

Dinner: fair. Dessert: good. Show: excellent.

The other “single” sharing seating H1 was Hank. Hank is a missionary and father-of-six from Arizona who’s here to care for an ailing parent and decided on the spur of the moment to see the show. After the show we strolled around and talked. He worried I would think he was a stalker (which is so “my line” that it’s hilarious) but his intentions were brotherly in nature… We talked about the Lord. It was a wonderful evening and an encouraging time… I believe for both of us.

But we’d lost track of time and I had started to scare my parents, so he prayed with thanks for the day, and for me, for this journey and my life beyond it. Then we said our goodbyes.

(I have – and I hope you will too – pray for Hank, his family, and his work-and-life in the Lord.)

Tomorrow rather than the early start I intended, I’ll probably kick around Branson a little longer before I head into Arkansas. Next after that is Tulsa, and (as it’s a city and I tend to flounder in cities without a definitive plan) I’ll take any suggestions you might offer. Any ideas?

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