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Oct 1: Adventure day 3

Today’s planned adventure:

St. Louis, Missouri

Early to bed, early to rise, works out great when there’s a long drive ahead and not as helpful if the first scheduled activity starts at 10ish.

I eased into my day, eventually strolling over to the Arch, through the really pretty grounds, and arriving 10 minutes before they opened.

I got my Tram pass swapped from 10:30 to 9:10, among the first “up” for the day.

For those who haven’t tried it, the elevator up into the Arch is a small circular pod with 5 seats and small glass windows that let one watch the gears and stairs go by as you ascend. There are 8 pods that travel up together. I was alone in my pod/elevator, but it was still pretty small even with 4 empty seats. Full, it would have been cramped. The window, which might or might not offer any consolation to a claustrophobe, was actually the worst of it for me: The pod felt safe and enclosed but the window emphasized that I was going UP.

At the top, there’s a hallway with outlook points along it. Small rectangular windows offer a view out over the city or the river… If you are willing to lean out on the overhangs to get a look. I looked, because heights are something I’ll face in pursuit of adventure, but I didn’t like it. AT ALL. I imagined I could feel the sway and creaking of steel but I might just be dramatic.

I forced myself not to be the first to ask to go back down, but I was ready. Plus, you know, there’s only so much to do up there.

Pod windows notwithstanding, “down” was easier than “up” and afterwards I checked out the Westward Expansion museum, got a coffee and some kettle corn for brunch, and waited to board my river tour.

Let me just shorthand a bit because my battery is low (charger requires vehicle) and I would hate to leave you hanging: St. Louis has a really interesting history, and still very active ports, and is a nice place to visit.

It’s also really freaking cold in St. Louis today.

Tomorrow I’m Branson bound… Once again, suggestions are welcome.

3 thoughts on “Oct 1: Adventure day 3”

  1. The whole Branson area is beautiful – especially this time of year. Things move at a slower pace there, so be prepared. It’s really hard to go wrong there. There are some tourist stands on the way into town that can get you discounted tickets to the shows, if you’d be interested. Country music isn’t always my thing, but I’ve yet to see a bad show there. The food is all good. There is a restaurant called “Lamberts” between Springfield and Branson that is famous for their “throwed rolls”. It’s kind of fun, but beware – they only accept cash.

    If you have the time and money, I’d highly recommend Silver Dollar City in Branson. It’s an artisan theme park. There are rides, but there are also glass blowers, potters, quilters, blacksmiths, jewellers, etc. And the grounds are gorgeous.

    I’d also recommend a ride on the Ducks in Branson – you can find them on the main strip. They’ll take you out to Table Rock Lake and show you some of the scenery. It would be worth it for pictures, since they’d do the driving for you! Just ask where to sit where you WON’T get wet. Too cold for that this time of year (although it feel great in the summer)!

    The Bass Pro main office is in Springfield. They have quite an impressive collection of museum-quality stuffed animals scattered throughout the massive store. I’m not a hunter or fisherman, but I enjoy a wander through there.

    Think of Branson as kind of a backwoods Vegas, without the gambling, and you know what you’re getting into. There’s nothing really bad there. If there was, it would’ve closed and become something else.


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