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Sep 30: Adventure day 2

Today’s planned itinerary:

Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois en route to Missouri

My day began fully rested and ready to go after a hearty breakfast of Hampton Inn coffee and leftover ribs from Corky’s in Memphis. (Did I mention how the hostess last night was all set to seat me until she realized I was a party of one? Then I was brushed off to the bar. The bartender was really fabulous though and I ended up talking to her and a local woman who had come in for takeout.)

In any case, after my ribby breakfast I loaded up and hit the road for Paducah, KY. My destination was the National Quilt Museum. Not that I’m a quilter, but a new state only counts if something is done or seen. Insufficient to simply drive through.

The museum opened at 1pm today, and I arrived just shortly thereafter. I just walked through and let the pieces wash over me… Most of the other patrons were studying and scrutinizing, but what do I know from quilting. There were a few really beautiful striking pieces, one that reminded me of a blanket my grandmother made (and that I have laid claim to), another reminded me of the pot holders my other grandmother made me.

No pics could be taken. And it was a quilt museum, so I’m guessing we’re probably all ready for me to move on. Just one more note… As I’m browsing the last room there are two couples also browsing. Just as I come up to a particularly striking piece, one of the husbands asks his wife about the stitching. It’s very fine, small, detailed work. She tells him about the process one would use, the time it would take, etc. Just describing it took forever, to give you an idea. They finally move on. A minute later, on the other side of the room, the same guy whispers to his wife: the woman who quilted that piece is clearly a woman without a man in her life. I’m not supposed to hear it, but the room is so quiet that I do. I stifle my laugh. The woman relays it to her friend, still in hushed tones. She retorts, Well, she must not have a demanding man in her life.

And with that little bit of amusement, it was time for me to go.

The trip from Kentucky to St. Louis took me through Illinois for the longest time. The leaves are starting to turn, so that’s nice. An extensive detour sidelined me for a bit (but hey, at least I got a different view for a while) so that I got to Cahokia Mounds at 4:50, 10 minutes to closing. So I just ran through quickly (I’ve been to Illinois before so this wasn’t a critical stop for me) and headed into St. Louis.

Home. At least for tonight.

Now I’ve strolled a bit, and gone for dinner. I tried a fabulous pizzeria called Pi (ie the symbol – my mobile keyboard doesn’t have one). The hostess offered me a seat at the bar here as well, but in this case it was because I’d said I wanted to eat inside and they were full; she didn’t act like I was a freak for being alone and I didn’t mind the 5-minute wait to get a table. I ordered their personal thin crust pie with free range chicken, pesto, feta cheese, mushrooms, and red onions. (That’s right Mom, I ate mushrooms and onions. It’s like a little miracle! To be fair, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, the onions weren’t strong, and the mushrooms weren’t all disgustingly *textured* as mushrooms usually are. I wouldn’t have known they were there if I hadn’t seen them.) There’s leftovers so I could be having a second yummy meal of it tomorrow.

Alas, it got cold here as the sun went down, so I’ve come back to my room, cranked up the heat, and put on some jammies. Now just to tinker a bit before I go to bed.

(Today’s count: 4 states, 2 NEW states, 1.25 tanks of gas, 2 perfectly lovely ladies at the Quilt Museum, 1 slow-as-molasses desk clerk in St Louis who subsequently won me over with the restaurant suggestions, and a waitress who deserved the slightly-higher-than-average tip.)

Tomorrow’s another fun day.
Or so say I.

Have suggestions for to-do’s in St. Louis? (Other than the Arch… That’s a given.) Leave me a comment… I appreciate the tips!

3 thoughts on “Sep 30: Adventure day 2”

  1. Checking out old St. Charles is fun. Grant’s Farm is also pretty cool. The Arch really is pretty cool – there are little museums in the base, and the park would be beautiful this time of year.


    1. Thanks! I checked out the Arch and the museum and will probably try to find St. Charles later. Appreciate the pointers… Branson is coming up soon and I think I remember you have friends or family in the area. Tips for Branson proper or for stops en route?


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