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Sep 29: Going NEW-where – the adventure begins

On today’s scheduled itinerary

– Weather and Airlines cooperating: Mississippi and Tennessee.

The reality: the airlines performed admirably. The gentleman at the rental counter was irritated by all of the nuisances customers. Mark (My Words) was right about Raising Cane’s. My GPS didn’t know how to find the Natchez Trace Parkway. I found it anyway (clearly it was still early in the day and I was still a functional human, more or less).

The Trace is truly a beautiful scenic drive. Even in the drizzle I enjoyed it and had there been more scenic outlooks I’d have taken more pics. (I can’t post from the road so those will be shared post-adventure.) For the most part the drive is the beauty of it… It’s amazingly but quietly pretty, only 40mph but no lights, and I saw very little traffic.

Alas the Trace was not actually headed my way, so after a lovely but brief drive along it, I needed to cut back toward my route.

It’s a bit disheartening when you’ve been up for more than 12 hours already and your GPS tells you it’s almost 200 miles to your planned rest/dinner stop.

(No rush though; I’d had a nice lunch and already knew Graceland was off the table: the last tour would be over before I arrived. So for all the distance sounded intimidating, it really wasn’t so bad.)

It’s more disheartening when you get very nearly there and run into dead-still traffic, which inexorably dwindles your fuel reserves. And then find that the gas station you diverted to doesn’t actually have any gas. Waaaah!

It got sorted…. First the car and then I re fueled (Lynn and Vin were right about the restaurant in Memphis) , and after another torturous traffic jam and innumerable missteps (we’re going to chalk that up to exhaustion) I made it to the hotel.

Today’s count: 2 states, 1 NEW state, 2 flights, 1 tank of gas, at least 5 friendly souls encountered along the way.

And one tired-to-the-point-of-weepiness girl, going to bed. More tomorrow, God willing.

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