A day of rest

The Oasis @ Chez Gringita

Quiet pervades this Sunday at my house.

Saturday had started out early, in preparation for the arrival of the Ladies. As always, their visit was a good time, and a blessing to me. This particular Saturday, it was the recharging down-time before a day of chores. As much as I had made headway pre-surgery, this was a whole new level of intensity. Though I had prepped for the ladies’ arrival, I wasn’t “done enough.”I looked at my place through fresh eyes, and did all that could be done for it, top to bottom, until at last I was left wishing for paint to redo the walls.

Still my energy was high. I paced, as if company were coming. Too late to actually eat it, I prepped a meal to cook and eat today. A thunderstorm blew through with frightening but short-lived violence. I watched college football, and bit my nails. I stayed up too late – which I am wont to do on Saturday nights anyway – and then some, and even when exhaustion sent me to bed I was up again, unsettled.

So this morning, I slept in. When I did get up, I felt out of sorts and off balance.  Coffee and toast started the process of pulling me back to life; a shower brought me the rest of the way. The chores were already done, so I focused on the packing I need to do.

There will be laundry to get done, but I’ll handle it this week.

A cool day made having the oven on pleasant. Chicken cordon bleu – altered to use prosciutto in place of ham, due to limited selection at my store – slid with ease into and then out of the oven. I opened the bottle of Jersey Devil Honey Wine (not unexpectedly, it’s quite sweet) from Velanzano Winery that’s been chilling for more than a week in my fridge.

(It was a nice meal; not nearly as hard to make as it might sound. Even easier when all but the cooking has been done the day before.)

After yesterday’s intensity, today has been a day of rest, and I am focused on being peaceful in it. I will gladly take all the peace I can get, before the new week begins.

What was your weekend like?

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