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Roller coaster

Stress, Overwork. Microsoft Clipart Image

Yesterday it looked like I’d have to push out my vacation by two weeks due to work project constraints.

It was a horrible, terrible, disappointing perspective.

And then I cheered up (with a little help from a friend) and I decided to assess the options. Maybe the trip could be salvaged, right?

So I looked at flights, and timelines, and started to think… hey, actually, even though this would be a hassle (and I’d probably lose a little – but not a lot – of money on the flight changes), there are some actual benefits to this.

  • For starters, I could fly at more convenient hours, both inbound and outbound. No more 5 AM starts.
  • AND, I could start my trip the night before, due to greater flight availability, giving me a bit more time for the adventure itself.
  • AND while I’d miss the Apple Festival in Topeka (my one “event” in Kansas), there was a counterbalancing bonus: it looked like I might, subject to ticket availability, catch a local college football game along the route (of a team I actually follow).

I mean, seriously, how awesome would all that be?

Let me tell you: it would be totally awesome. It might even be worth the rearrangement of schedules. In fact, if taken in the right spirit, even rearranging the schedules (except for the airline-related hassle) could be sort of fun. I actually started to get excited about the possibility…

And then today we had another project plan change.  Which is good, because it gives us more time to accomplish the task, and the stress of it was probably going to kill me.

BUT with the schedule overhaul, and the associated adjustment… for about 10 miserably depressing minutes, it looked like the part I am responsible for doing would be square in the middle of things such that it didn’t look like I could go on my vacation at all.

And if so, that would be both Totally. Unavoidable. and Totally. Unacceptable.

But then, thankfully, we rejiggered the options, and adjusted the timeline accordingly, and we’ve landed in a place where my vacation apparently can (and must) stand, unchanged, from the original plan.

Which is now both a relief and a disappointment at the same time.

I don’t know how your days go… but I didn’t need this rollercoaster ride, folks.

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