faith, flotsam

September is busy

September is a big month around here.

In my world, after April (which practically screams with activity), September is the month with the most events stuck in it. It starts – aptly enough – on the first, upon which one of my most favoritest people celebrates his birthday (and for a deliberately undisclosed window of time we are, technically, the same age: he feels old; I feel young), it runs through a rush of birthdays and anniversaries (not even counting the annual reliving and remembrances of 9/11) and finally it settles down after two different friends celebrate their birthdays on the 20th. Shocking, in its way, that a month so full of “stuff” could manage to be so full and still leave the entire latter third of the month untouched.

No, wait. I just remembered two more people in September. Harrumph. Wow. That’s unlike me.

Meanwhile, the Project that’s eating my professional and emotional lunch, and will stretch into 2013 and possibly beyond, will start to move forward – or begin to completely and officially derail – on Wednesday afternoon.  (Lord have mercy.)

There’s a lot to do there, and while the Project devours my mental energy and the Events hum busily in the background of my consciousness, there is the impending departure on my grand Adventure also demanding my attention.

Set up the car service for the outbound; remind them to leave a space for a tip on the charge slip. Check with A to see if she can pick me up on the return. Make sure to pack my vitamins and just-in-case headache meds. Which camera am I going to pack, and how best to get it around? Where along the route will I have opportunity and time to refresh my laundry? Can I really handle that much driving every day? If I’m overwhelmed along the way and need a rest, or just fall in love with one place or another and want to stay longer, where can I cut segments to make up the time and still make it to my core destinations?

It’s useless to worry, not that it always prevents me. But a self-centered panic attack is not going to help (and anyway: been there, done that).

No, I have too little mental energy left over for worry. So I do what I can do. I plot and I plan. And I pray.

Because at the end of the day, the strength I need, and the wisdom I need… for the Adventure and for the
Project and the mental balance between them and for every other Event and happenstance that occurs at every given moment… is only and best sourced from above.

And that means I’m in really good hands. If I but remember it.

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