flotsam, peeves

A little too in touch

I know, I know. You’re sick to death of hearing about the smartphone. I hear ya.

If it’s any consolation, there are disappointments along the way too.

You know what’s great? Being connected all the time. My sister texted me over Google Voice today, and so I knew what she was up to. Awesome in every way!

The tradeoff of that, of course, is that I am never really disconnected from anything else. Like, I find it really helpful mentally to focus on work at work, and let “whether or not an email has come in on my personal account” be something that is not on the radar. And when I check my personal email later, it’s either a happy surprise that I have a message, or it’s a non-event.

Now all day I know I don’t have a message. I wouldn’t have had a message either way. But now I know it.

Adjustments. Whatever. I will live. Probably.

I’m pretty sure this does not actually qualify as “a problem” in real life, anyway. But who’s counting.

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