Non sequiturs

No-Knead Bread - Finished Loaf
No-Knead Bread – Finished Loaf (Photo credit: Denna Jones)

I have no-knead bread rising in the kitchen. By my calculation, it will be ready for its second rise in roughly midmorning, and ready to be baked tomorrow evening.  It’s got white and whole wheat flour, and a bit of oats for interest. We’re calling that part an experiment. But it has no seeds, even though poppy and sesame are both on hand, because I might serve some of it to guests on Monday or Tuesday, and at least some of the guests I have in mind wouldn’t be able to have seeds. I’m sort of wondering if I throw some of the herbs that I would normally would mix with olive oil and dip the bread into, if that would be tasty or overkill.

And in other news…

It looks like my next phone may be the Samsung Galaxy S3. Which is one part feeling like it might be ever-so-slightly superior to the iPhone 4S, and one part the fact that my wireless carrier hasn’t started applying the “iPhone-5-is-just-around-the-corner” discount to the 4 series phones as some of the others have.  So, I think that upgrade is something I’ll likely take care of later in the week.

And finally…

If anyone was reading midday today, they got to watch my blog layout change roughly 15 times in an hour. Sorry for that. Or, you know… you’re welcome. Depending how entertained you might have been by it. Still not 100% in love with it but I’m going to give it a little while before changing it any more. For now. We’ll see.

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