Ah, home

Map of Florida highlighting Collier County
Map of Florida highlighting Collier County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I probably ought to unpack, and I’m sure (eventually) I will. But for now… this couch is really, really comfortable.

Ahh. I’m home. Where Chinese food delivery is making up for the lack of anything thawed.

Incidentally, here are a few things you might not have known before today. (Or maybe you did. But just to be sure, I’ll tell you anyway.)

  1. Florida in August is HOT. I was in Miami in August a few years ago. You’d really think I’d have learned my lesson.
  2. I’m a slow learner.
  3. Marco Island is a lovely oasis of peace and quiet. In August, in particular, when everyone who’s anyone (including a number of the restauranteurs) has headed somewhere considerably more bearable, weather-wise.
  4. Still, it’s a lovely place. A fantastic place to sip wine, or frosty margaritas.
  5. If you’re not allowed to drink, for one reason or another, ice cream is a lovely (but fattening) alternative.

Fortunately there is no ice cream on hand at my place. Which means it’s entirely possible I will, eventually, recover a waistline.


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