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Conserve water… shower with a friend

The hideous corpse, after I fished it out of the drain.

Everything in our condo unit is enclosed. The porch, the hallways, everything.
Which might be why I was so surprised — surprised enough to give off a quick guttural yelp — when I found the two-inch palmetto bug in the shower.

With me.

In the shower.

For those not familiar with palmetto bugs, let me rephrase: it was a cockroach as big as my thumb.

Again: In the shower. With me.

I was a quick thinker… I was still mid-yelp when I folded the shower curtain back over it and gave the fabric a squeeze. Hard, and not stopping until I heard the crunch.

Then I let go, and the thing fell to the floor of the shower.

And SWAM for a while before it finally gave up and drowned.

PS? A cockroach as big as your THUMB does not go down the drain. It sits there and plugs it up.

Yeah, I lived. But this is one reason why I wouldn’t choose Florida as my first choice of places to live.


2 thoughts on “Conserve water… shower with a friend”

    1. I don’t know if I’d go as far as *funny*… okay. maybe. If you add in the part where my Dad came running to the bathroom door thinking my yell meant I’d hurt myself, yeah, in retrospect, pretty funny stuff.



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