Off season

The weather report indicates thunderstorms the entire week and for the week leading up to the trip, my mother is beside herself about it.

This despite the fact that this has been the case on every beach vacation we’ve gone on, as far back as I can remember. And it ALWAYS turns out just fine.  God blesses us with beautiful weather over and over again (and of course God would be no less good even if it poured rain on us all week) but you’d think it would teach her to worry less.

OK. He bails me out at work over and over, and I worry anyway. At least until I catch myself worrying, that is.

So it’s beautiful in Marco Island. Yes, a thunderstorm sat on the horizon, rumbling and flashing yesterday. It blew around us, sprinkling onto my waterproof Kindle case for all of 5 minutes before pressing on. And then it was still and hot and humid. The ocean is bathwater, not at all refreshing to swim. But cool on the skin when one comes out. Placid and calm for the moment. Peaceful.

Just what I need for a respite from the madness of the office.

Thank God.

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