To 4S or to S3

To 4S or S3… that is the a question.

I’m browsing smartphones. En route to buying a smartphone. My very first smartphone ever.

English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen.
English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hear great things about the iPhone 4S, which is supposed to have greatly improved on the flaws of the iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Photo credit: Stereopoly Blog)

And I hear great things about the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or SIII, but that just looks confusing) though the leading comparison was also being made to the iPhone 4. BUT, it was being made by someone who LOVES all-things-Apple, so for the Samsung to be ahead…

I just don’t know what to think.

They’re running the same (somewhat ridiculous) price from my wireless carrier. And they both get great reviews (although trying to find comparisons of “like” versions is tricky).

(Actually, the price might have just dropped on the 4S in preparation for the rumored release of iPhone 5, but since (1) that’s not rumored for release until 1 week before I MUST have my new phone and (2) it’s only a rumor after all and could be wrong and (3) even if it’s founded in reality, release dates shift and (4) crazy people will have camped outside the (shudder) Apple stores to line up and buy out the latest iGadget so even if it comes out that day there’s no way I’m getting one.)

No, no. I don’t need the iPhone 5. Let’s not muddy the waters with that.

I realize I’m ultimately going to need to go into a store and touch both of my leading choices and try out virtual qwerty keyboarding to see whether I can tolerate it…

Still, decisions, decisions.

So… anyone out there have a basis of comparison? Some input into which is really superior and why? Do you have one of these models, and if so… what DO you love? And… what DON’T you love?

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  1. Tara just bought the Galaxy S a month ago, and even though it’s the older model we’re both really impressed with its features and ease of use. I think the iPhone is overrated, personally (and this comes from a Mac guy).


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