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Happily ever afters

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love
Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love (Photo credit:

I’m going to a wedding today. It’s my second wedding this summer, which I think signals something about seasons of life. There are these windows of time when frequent weddings occur. When you’re in your twenties-and-thirties, and all of the college, high school and childhood friends are getting married. And then again, later, when your friends’ kids are getting married.

Technically, this second wedding of the year is in the same family, so it’s entirely possible this has less to do with the season of my life than with the fact that they started their family young, and had their first 4 in close succession.

Then again, there are signs on the horizon of more weddings in the future, in other families in our circle.

Why no, I don’t feel old at all. Why do you ask?

So today the eldest daughter of one of my best friends is marrying a young man who has literally loved her since grade school. He is smart and funny and kind, among many other things. She is quiet and gentle and beautiful, among many other things.They’ve been great friends for years, and now that has grown into love and joy and what we pray by grace will amount to happily ever after. Or as close to that impossible ideal as life in a fallen world permits.

Life will be hard, because life is. Married life will be challenging, because married life is. But may His love for them pour out in them and through them, to enable them to love as He does.

May their grand adventure begin well today… and ever after.

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