Today I was bathed in rainbows

I did take this picture, but not in the shower this AM. What, did you think this was THAT kind of blog?

There’s a small window in my bathroom. It’s in the shower, and the glass is lined with something to make it opaque, so that as long as the window is closed, one does not put on a show for the neighbors immediately behind the building. Unfortunately, that window is also the only ventilation for my bathroom – you know, that place where one takes the oft-steamy showers – so it’s actually necessary to keep the window open.

Which pretty much makes the placement of that window one of the most flawed bathroom layouts ever.

And incidentally, they sell shower curtains – the curtains for outside the shower with which we are all familiar – but finding matching curtains for inside the shower is well nigh to impossible. Because no one puts a window in the shower.

So in order to keep from putting on a daily show, I had to make a curtain. Using a sink skirt, which happens to be the perfect height and width for the in-shower window. Great, right? Right. Except for the part where I can never update the bathroom decor, because you know what they really don’t make any more, because almost no one has a pedestal sink anymore? Sink skirts.


Anyway, my bathroom window, like my bedroom windows, faces east. Most mornings when I shower, it’s still somewhat dark-and-early; the sun may be up but it has rarely cleared the houses behind mine. It certainly isn’t high enough to be shining under the edge of the curtain. Which means that most mornings, there isn’t much direct natural light streaming into my shower. And most evenings, the sun is on the wrong side of the building.

But THIS morning, I managed to be in the shower at exactly the right time for the sun to be at exactly the right angle to stream in exactly under the edge of that curtain and create a rainbow in the shower.

And it is not every day that one gets to bathe in a rainbow.

Today I did. And doesn’t that seem like it bodes well for the day?

(No pot of gold though, in case you were wondering. The economy must have taken their toll on the leprechauns too.)

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