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Convalescing is boring

English: Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Logo
Where I Was Supposed To Be Today. [English: Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)]
On the surface of it, having instructions to rest, relax and recover for 24 hours sounds great. Trust me when I tell you that a day laying about in jammies is totally up my alley, and doctor’s instructions that support it mean I’m convalescing, not lazy. Right? Right? Who’s with me?

Sure that sounds fine. But you know what? Convalescing is boring.  Family outing to Dorney Park? Not for me. Well, as long as I’m home I might as well do my workou… oh wait, no. Nothing strenuous for 24 hours. Harrumph.

Well then, I’m just going to cheer myself up with one of the 52 thoughts I’ve been not-posting for a while…

Wish we were close by, around the corner. Wish we could sit and have a margarita and talk tonight.

Yes. That would be awesome. And it would be consistent with doctor’s orders, too. Win and Win.

If only.

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