flotsam, peeves, there is something wrong with me

Whole lotta hungry going on

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I was losing weight. All it takes for me is diligence (a bit of admittedly forced and ongoing consistent diligence, because it’s not what’s “easy” or what comes naturally to me) to making good choices as far as both what I eat, and whether I exercise.

It’s not easy, it’s not a quick fix, but it does work. Slowly and steadily, as long as I stick with it.  Which , granted, I don’t always do. Even though I’m not doing anything radical, even though I feel better when I make good choices, I still fall off the (food) wagon, as it were.

After a few months of decided NON-diligence, I got back on track and started making good choices again.

And I was losing weight. I was. I was right on the cusp of healthy BMI and slowly headed back toward a a healthy goal weight. I wasn’t there yet, but I was on my way.

I’m not now. Not even close.

I’m on a prescription just-for-now and it makes me gain weight. More than 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and counting. Essentially undoing a month of good, steady, wise decision-making.


Apparently a bit of water-weight gain is supposed to be normal and would clear up within a few months (though I don’t plan to be on this med for that long). But I’m not just puffier, or heavier, or whatever.

No, no. I’m also hungrier.

I’m hungry all the stinking time.

Ravenously, voraciously, sometimes even angrily hungry.

Don’t-stand-between-me-and-the-food-or-I-might-hafta-hurt-you hungry.

Good grief… I’m hungry, even when I’m FULL.

So (since my thyroid is just fine, thanks for asking) my theory is that I’m in the tiny percent of patients for whom the med is an appetite stimulant. (Ya think?) Which apparently is also associated with some kind of insulin processing reaction, in which the body converts carbs to fat in a remarkably fast and efficient — and, to my way of thinking at least, undesirable — manner (which might also explain the hungry-angries; on me that’s very likely a blood sugar imbalance deal).

I know I have to be on this thing for at least two more weeks. After that, I am going to be back, begging to get off it, before I have to have the word “Goodyear” emblazoned on my clothes. Or before I eat my way through the walls.

Oh LORD, I really want a snack right now!