Ten things you may not have known (and probably didn’t want to)

Hysteroscope. Honestly, the procedure isn’t that bad but it’s really unsettling to see this coming at you.

Or, Scenes from a Hysteroscopy

Warning: May Not Be Suitable For All Audiences.
Like… guys? This might make you feel icky. I forgive you for skipping it. Heck, I encourage you to skip it. Seriously. Just take from the posting of this blog assurance that I lived through it, and move on.

OK, then. Who’s still with me? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway, here goes: Continue reading “Ten things you may not have known (and probably didn’t want to)”

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Whole lotta hungry going on

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I was losing weight. All it takes for me is diligence (a bit of admittedly forced and ongoing consistent diligence, because it’s not what’s “easy” or what comes naturally to me) to making good choices as far as both what I eat, and whether I exercise. Continue reading “Whole lotta hungry going on”