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Myrtle Beach revisited

My parents and my sister’s family drove down to Myrtle Beach. My parents did it over a two-day stretch, as usual. My sister’s family, starting slightly farther south, in one very long day. I made it in 4 hours, door-to-door, in that I flew. A necessity: normally I would drive with my parents, but I had a wedding to get back to, and therefore needed to return earlier than everyone else. Despite our disparate travel arrangements, we all managed to arrive within a very short window of each other; my parents already checked in at the condo and having picked up basic supplies by the time my flight landed (early!) and the rest pulling in as Dad left to pick me up at the tiny MB airport.

That first night was reserved for the celebration of a Very Special Birthday. After that, our days were spent primarily enjoying the absolutely perfect beach weather we were blessed to receive…

The view from the balcony… morning in Myrtle Beach

Our condo was beachfront, with both indoor and outdoor pools, plus a bathwater-warm lazy river. It was little-girl summer heaven.

In yellow and orange: our sweet girls

Evenings were out at dinner, usually all together but occasionally in separate groups (especially if the plan involved something that not everyone was enthusiastic about). One night my BIL took the girls out separately, and my parents, sister and I went to Yamato at Broadway on the Beach. Among the shops there, we saw this sign, which tickled me…

Sage advice indeed

And when they weren’t playing on the beach or in the pool, the girls were busily creating… comic strips. They’ve been recently introduced to Calvin and Hobbes, and it’s made an impression. Most of the time their characters are out of The Wizard of Oz and story lines influenced by the beach itself. Or my father’s shenanigans.

One of the more elaborate storyboards

Either way, a good time was had by all.

Vacations are awesome. You should have one, if you can.

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