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June 22, or Holy moly, it’s hot

I am back from lovely, upper-80 degree sunshiny-with-ocean-breeze weather.

It’s 90-odd here at home.

They announced 94 degrees when I deplaned and the full force of that hit me just minutes later, as I waited in the airless tunnel with half the plane’s passenger list for the gate-checked items. It’s oddly nausea-inducing, to be hit square in the face with such heat.

There are no lovely ocean breezes here, either. This was rendered all-too-apparent as I waited in the mercifully-shaded but bus-exhaust permeated pickup area for my ride.

But I am home. Hot, but home. In my own quiet space (drone of AC notwithstanding).

I actually had a really nice vacation, with people I love, doing things that were either fun or relaxing or both. I’ll have more to say and will post pics later.

But for now: MAN, it’s hot here.

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