faith, flotsam

Needlessly freaking out

My boss is back from vacation. There aren’t words for how relieved I am by that — partly because I was watching both our desks and the fear of screwing up her projects freaks me out. And partly because we complement each other very well so her absence leaves me off kilter and alone in a hostile world.

OK, that last bit about a hostile world? That’s a bit of melodrama.

And the part about being alone? Never, ever true.

And the fact that I’m glad when my boss is in the office? That’s a clear indication of just how blessed I really am. Have been for a while, in fact, because I’ve had 3 bosses since I started here, and they’ve all been really good, although really different personalities.

So anyway, my boss is back, and the things I stressed about while she was gone? Worked out fine. Or at least, no one is blaming me. So God is good, and I’m so thankful.

And then things I worked on last year have come back and bitten me in the butt. Or have the chance to. And I’m stressing out.

And reminding myself that I already know that God is good. God is faithful. God is my fortress and my salvation.  And He shows me that over and over again, sometimes less than a heartbeat before I start my next round of useless worries. (I am hard of remembering when it comes to the command not to worry.)

God IS good.

But still, I want to run away from home.

I want to go do something else.

I want my vacation.

I want it badly.

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