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This is why comparisons are bad

RoadTrip (Photo credit: Wikipedia). This makes me a little carsick to watch. (sorry)

So while I plot and plan my adventure to NEW-where (aka my midlife crisis, aka running away from home, aka “because it’s there”, aka my drive through the fly-over states), it turns out my trip doesn’t even hold a candle to the Postcards Across America project.

Dude, they’re hitting ALL 50 STATES, just to take pictures of them.

Jeez, I’m not even a little original.  Though I AM making my (comparatively small) trip solo…

Which apparently ALSO doesn’t make me unusual. (On the plus side I don’t need advice reminding me that it’s not a good idea to let strangers hold my cash for me. Though I suspect that people who DO need that kind of reminder probably ought not to wander far from home on their own.)

Well, humbug. I’m still happy about my trip. And for the time with my family before that. In fact, that just can’t come soon enough.

Calgon, take me away!

2 thoughts on “This is why comparisons are bad”

  1. I absolutely LOVED traveling solo, although one interesting side effect was the fact that everywhere I went, other couples and families asked me to take pics of them with their cameras. Which I was happy to do, of course. I guess they figured I had nothing else to do since there wasn’t anybody with me. Or something like that.


    1. Actually, people will hit up whomever is nearby, not-scary-looking, and not (apparently) deeply embroiled in something else. Being solo means makes you seem extra handy on that last point. Unless you’re talking to yourself out loud, in which case point #2 outweighs point #3.


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