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Sweet and bittersweet

English: A cupcake
English: A cupcake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I said goodbye to the boy, as he will be flying back to Miami tomorrow. When or whether he will return is unknown. And so we also officially ended the relationship I’ve never really been sure we’ve been in. It’s not that we don’t still care for each other. After 15 years of friendship that’s a given. But it makes no sense for us to live in mutual limbo. Clarity is liberating. Not that there’s anyone else on my horizons, nor on his as far as I know. But there could be. Without each other as mutual safety net, what would happen?

I still have a safety net. By grace I have all the promises of God in Christ, and love in eternal abundance. May the boy find all this… and perhaps a nice chica to love as well. Not that this idea is particularly comforting to me. Only that I can’t wish lesser forms of happiness for him. I know he loves me, and I love him too… still, I am not the girl for him. There are all kinds of love. Not all of them mean two people should be together. I’ll still be praying for him, and his dad. I still asked him to call me & let me know he arrived safely.

I may not be his girlfriend, but I still make the demands of one.

Today I also attended the birthday party of one of my best friends’ children. Their last, number seven in the line, celebrating two years today. When I met them more than 10 years ago, they had four. I was there for the birth of this last one. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years. Time goes so fast. It was strange to think that by the end of this summer, two of their daughters will be married. Time goes so fast. It was wonderful to see my friends today, and the friends we have in common. I’m so amazingly blessed.

I hope you’re feeling very blessed today, too.

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