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Welcome to my midlife crisis

My mad obsession continues, the itinerary getting tweaked over and over. I’ll probably start pulling the trigger on things like flights and car rentals over the weekend. Hotels can wait a little longer, with the exception of whatever I end up doing about Albuquerque, as there’s an event there then, so finding lodging could be a bigger challenge.

[OK, I just booked the nights in ABQ, which will probably be my most expensive leg of the trip. Still, it turns out some of the options were already sold out, so it’s good to have that behind me. I can cancel up until the day-of without penalty, but at least I know I’m set as far as that goes.]

My, but I do get caught up in these details, don’t I?

This is my current route. Semi-final. More or less. I maxed out the 42 slots in a Triptik to accomplish this, so there are still some to-do’s not added. I still question my sanity.

As I said yesterday, I asked my girlfriends to pray for me. I got one response back so far: it was encouraging. I’ve asked my mom if she’s concerned about this, because she tends to sound a little strange about it. She assures me that it’s just that she can’t imagine doing this herself. A little awed, perhaps. And yes, as my mother, she’s concerned about so many hours on my own behind the wheel, but it’s still America after all so she’s not losing sleep about it.

Which is good. No matter where I go, the center of God’s will is my only safety. He has numbered my days. People get mugged, raped or killed in their own neighborhoods, or in their own homes just as much as anywhere else. I’m not worried… at least, not about that.

So I’m all but set to do this thing. Even though it might be crazy. Maybe because it’s a little crazy.

I’m excited, and then I’m nervous, and then I’m anxious for the trip to start, and then I start tweaking the itinerary and coming up with additional options, and then I start the cycle all over. I am already mentally telling myself the story of the trip. Bracing myself for long hard days on the road. Smiling at the joy of going “New-Where.”  Experiencing every drive, every day, as if it’s a prelude.

All I know is even I am aware that I am totally fixated on this project lately. As if I have something to prove. As if this is my personal version of a midlife crisis.

Welcome to my midlife crisis. Pardon the mess.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my midlife crisis”

  1. Parents can be so funny sometimes. No matter how old we get, we’re still their babies. Especially those of us of the female persuasion, who aren’t afraid to get behind the wheel and travel on our own from time to time.

    I’m working on my list of places I think you shouldn’t missed based on your tentative plans. I’ll see if I can throw in some hotel suggestions, too, although honestly, I usually just rely on Priceline at the end of the day, once I know the areas I want to stay near.

    I’m incredibly jealous of your adventure, and can’t wait to hear all about it as you go along.


    1. That does look interesting. I wonder if they rent them (read as: I wonder what happens when you have no place to recharge the battery for 10 days)


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