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10 things I’ve already done (in advancement of a wacky idea)

US Map
US Map (Photo credit: J. Kleyn ∞)

What have I done so far regarding this insane roadtrip adventure I’m proposing?

  1. Obsessed day and night about destinations, routes, hours between stops, etc.
  2. Posted I’ve-lost-count-of-how-many-blogs on the issue.
  3. Worried my parents about my safety and my sanity. (I’m speculating on this one, but that’s the subtle vibe I’m getting, especially on the “safety” issue.)
  4. Asked my girlfriends to pray for the items referenced in #3. And for the world of wisdom I need and apparently lack.
  5. Researched flights, car rentals, and hotels along the way, and – without yet booking anything and confirming the tally – I have established that this trip will be a tidy sum when all is said and done. (Hey, it’s nine New Places — actually nine new States and countless new places and associated adventures and experiences. NINE! As separate trips, these would break the bank. This way is much more cost-effective. Plus, I’m not just blowing my tax refund money… I’m supporting local economies!)
  6. Got in touch with my cousin (sort of) in that part of the country and warned him that I might be in the neighborhood at some point. (I do hope I’ll get to see him and his wife along my way, even if the visit would be decidedly brief in light of my breakneck schedule.)
  7. Gotten really excited about all the places I’ll go, and then started to freak myself out a little bit about actually doing this.
  8. Started to make a mental list of things to pack, and things to get when I arrive. (There’s several Walmart locations within a few miles of my arrival airport, to get things like water and snackfood and various other sundries I might need along the road and not want to (or be able to) pack for flying. Yes, I’ve actually already looked that information up.)
  9. Told my parents that I need some practice at gas-pumping when we go on interim family outings, so I really know what I’m doing by the time I get places where it’s required.
  10. Gotten pretty far ahead of myself with this thing, I think. Especially considering I have two other trips to deal with first. Oh yeah, and like, work and life and stuff.

I’m a moron.

But it’s a pleasant sort of obsession I’ve got going on.

6 thoughts on “10 things I’ve already done (in advancement of a wacky idea)”

  1. Obessive Item #11: What kind of car will you rent? My recommendation would be a badass 2012 Mustang Convertible, black with white racing stripes, and more importantly, tinted glass. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. You will be Queen of the Road!


  2. I forgot to mention — as you’re driving along, if you see any cows lounging around on the hillside, give them a good shout out: “Mooooo….”


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