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Alternate route

So, if I pull Kentucky out of the mix, there’s this route…

another option under consideration

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to vote on yesterday’s poll… and as before, please do comment and let me know — if you’ve been to this part of the country (or are from there) what should I really NOT miss?

3 thoughts on “Alternate route”

  1. I can totally help you out with the Kansas & Missouri portions of your trip.

    I was just in Saint Louis this weekend. We went to the Gateway Arch, which is set in a beautiful park and has some free museums inside. It’s $10 to go to the top. We also went to historic Saint Charles, which was the first state capitol and is perfectly charming. It’s still set up as a colonial street, with tons of ecclectic artisan shops and lovely restaurants. I’ve also been to the zoo (wonderful) and Grant’s Farm and would highly suggest both of those.

    I spent most of my life in the KC Metro area. I’d highly recommend a wander around the Country Club Plaza, a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and a visit to the Liberty Memorial. If you want to contact me with any questions about KC, feel free!

    My parents live in Springfield, MO, and I’ve been to Branson and Eureka Springs, AR (I think that’s on your itinerary, too?) several times. I haven’t had any “Do Not Go There” experiences down there. If you’re looking for good restaurants or shows in that area, let me know.


    1. Thank you, this is SO HELPFUL! (You truly are a Phenomenal Lass!) I had the Gateway Arch on my to-do-for-sure list but I so appreciate the detail and suggestions for other things to see while there. I will also definitely be in both KC and Branson and likely thru Eureka Springs as well… if you have recommendations of stuff to do and/or places to eat (a girl’s got to eat), they are absolutely appreciated!


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