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More than I can chew?

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam
(Photo credit: epSos.de)

So I’m still working on my grand see-a-bunch-of-the-places-I-haven’t adventure. I’m very excited about this crazy idea.

And it IS a crazy idea. I have sketched out a rough itinerary (or two) but I suspect that my plan may be overly ambitious:

First version of the itinerary. Roughly 9 days, at 4-5 hours on the road per day.

Mostly, I question whether I can actually handle 4-5 hours in the car every day. I mean, it’s not always 4 hours straight. Sometimes it’s an hour or two between stops-to-see-something before going on to the next stretch. But it’s still pretty long.

And while I’ve found a lot of really interesting-sounding things to see en route, there are also stretches of a whole lot of nothing-to-see-here.

I’m working on it. Meanwhile, I put it to you… if you’ve been to this part of the country, leave me a comment and let me know what in your opinion is not to be missed. And… what do you think is the right travel time per day?

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