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The bee in my bonnet

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Technically, I have two vacations scheduled for this year.

I say “technically” because they’re both to states I’ve already visited, and one is to a place I’ve already been. The latter several times over, actually, and there’s a whole backstory (for another day) on how I suspect Myrtle Beach is hazardous to my career.

Normally I would turn down MB as a vacation destination (more because of the repetition than the worry, just for the record), but that trip’s special feature will be the fact that we’ll all be together, and that is worth even more, if you can imagine, than A New Place.

Still, I’ve been antsy for somewhere new, and having booked fully half of my vacation for the year without including fresh new scenery grates a bit. [And yes, I hear myself complaining about vacations, and yes, I hear how stupid that sounds. Sorry.) 

All this wanderlust was exacerbated by a friend of mine telling me his itinerary for a multi-month, cross-Europe extravaganza, to be followed immediately by extended visits to Florida, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.

Dude. I’m happy for you, and you are clearly doing the whole “retirement” thing right… but you’re killing me.

In any case, getting myself to another country was getting a lot of thought, but I won’t be free to go until Autumn at the earliest, and I’m thinking Summer would be fun for Ireland (currently at the top of my Europe list) and I don’t see myself getting all the way to New Zealand or Antarctica this year.

What to do, what to do?

But then I was talking to another friend the other day, and their work misadventures sparked an idea.

A wonderful, attainable idea.

So for the moment, the bee in my bonnet is working out the details to spend some time seeing parts of this country that I’ve never visited before.

And that bee is buzzing!

More to come… and I’ll be looking for your input!

States I Haven’t Yet Visited

6 thoughts on “The bee in my bonnet”

  1. I may be hitting some of these red states myself in the near future. Places like Byhalia, MS; Aztec, NM; Choctaw, OK; Lake Stevens, WA; Black River Falls, WI, Cabot, AR, Alpena, MI; and Shawnee, KS.

    Meet me for lunch in Saint Louis!


    1. If you’re going to be in Choctaw, we should meet in Oklahoma City for lunch. At Cattlemen’s Steakhouse… it’s on the list in 1000 Places To See Before You Die.


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