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In which I commit technocide

my own ipod nano
my own ipod nano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I killed my Nano today. I plead a Texas defense: it needed killing.

It was probably my fault, in that I am detrimental to MP3 players, regardless of brand. Seriously, I need only be holding the device for it to freeze up. And because of that, my Nano has been sitting safely in a docking station pretty much since I’ve owned it. So that I can operate it by remote, and not risk zapping it. Nevertheless, I went to forward a song todayas people tend to do — and it froze. Even though it was in the docking station, fully charged. Locked up, no recovery. I tried resetting it. I tried power on and off. I tried the lock button and all the silly unintuitive things that are supposed to work but universally do not, at least for me.

I suppose I could have pulled it out the docking station, let the battery drain, and start over. I’ve done it before. But tonight, I was fed up. Technology should work, and I have no patience for it when it doesn’t. I am tired of fighting with this thing to perform the most basic of functions.

So I banged it. Hard. Twice. The screen went white, as if it had gone pale.

And this time when I shut it off, it actually shut off.

But it wouldn’t turn back on.

OK. That’s fine. Be that way. If that’s the way you want it…

And that’s when I decided to well and truly kill it.

Right now I have a Nano.

It’s taking a nice swim in a bowl in my kitchen. In about an hour, when I feel safe that it’s well and truly, unrecoverably dead, I’ll retrieve the body and dispose of it.

My pet peeve: The Nano. These are ALL the Nano. Seriously? Apple is supposed to be so freaking innovative, and yet they can’t come up with another name for these things, if only to make it easier to find accessories for them? Dude, that’s not INNOVATIVE; that’s STUPID.

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