It was a dark and stormy… morning?

rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the thunder that draws me out of sleep, banging and rolling angrily overhead. I have to travel to the other office this morning, and that is my first thought even though my eyes are still closed against the new day: the drive in the rain, the need to give myself extra time.

With one last extra-loud crack, the world suddenly goes quiet. I lift my head tiredly from the pillow, thinking the power has just gone out, thankful I woke up first.

Almost an hour until my alarm. Which is still on, as evidenced by the clock staring at me steadily. I listen more closely. The fan in the window is humming, I can hear now. The one across the room I don’t hear until I get closer, which is odd, but I feel it. The fridge has stopped its incessant running, but I check and it’s on. My ears feel like they’ve been stopped up – changes in the pressure outside – but it’s eerie. Everything is still, as if something has happened. As if the world is holding its breath, waiting for something.

Then the sky opens, and a sizzling torrent of rain pours down. For long minutes, much-needed water soaks everything.

The thunder rolls one more time.

And then it’s quiet again. The clock ticks. Slowly, slowly, the distant sound of traffic returns.

It’s an odd morning… and I need to go get ready to face it.

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