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Inside jokes and movie quotes

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My sister and I were at one of those awful, come-to-my-sales-pitch-disguised-as-a-party events some time back, and they were showing off something simply hideous as if it were fabulous. She turned to me and whispered, dragonfly ripple.

To which there is only one response. But (note to self) one should not actually offer it in front of the person presenting the item to which it refers.

If you’re not familiar, skip to 6:30-6:55 (actual reaction at 6:50) in this clip:

(If you don’t know this movie, you are probably up past your bedtime. Or you have not lived yet.)

Of course my sister and I know that reference, being quite familiar with The Muppet Movie. Actually, we know all kinds of inside jokes and stuff-that’s-only-funny-to-us, because we grew up together.

Which actually? Is kind of awesome.

I mention all this because of one of my recent 52 thoughts:

“When we’re in a group and someone else is talking, you can crack me up just by making eye contact.”

Back at you, Sis. Which is wonderful, and sometimes awful, because when you do it to me, I can almost never pull it back together.

But you know that feeling, when you’re laughing so hard you’re crying and not even making any real sound any more? I love that feeling… and you’re my favorite person to have it with.

And so, since I missed a week or so (from a posting, not reading, perspective) here’s a bonus thought:

“I’m counting on you being the lifelong friend when I’m old. Are you in?”

Oh honey… just try to stop me!

Love (to the Nth power), Sis.

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