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5 things I love about my Kindle

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I was opposed to the whole idea of an eReader. I love books, you see. Even the tactile aspects… the feel, the smell.

But. Well. Two of my family members got Kindles for Christmas. And my boss lives on hers. And the idea of an e-Reader started to be one that I didn’t reject out of hand.

And then the boy got me a Kindle for my birthday, and the deal was done.

So here are 5 things it turns out I love about my Kindle…

  1. Immediate gratification. I love my Amazon Prime membership because I can get virtually anything I want in just 2 days, with no minimum order & no shipping fees. (Which I still love, for non-book items.) But hello? Do you know what’s better than getting your new book in 2 days? Getting it right now.
  2. The incredible lightness of reading. Right now I have something like 20 books in my Kindle, and I could carry them around with 2 fingers if I wanted to. If I was carrying around 20 actual books, I’d surely injure myself. Going on a trip and not sure which book I’ll feel like reading en route? No worries; I can just take them all.
  3. Literary precision. There’s a dictionary built right into my Kindle. So while I can typically figure out the occasional unfamiliar word from context, I no longer have to just take away the rough idea and move on. Oh, sure, I still can. But I now have the option, with a click, to find out exactly what the word means, and not even disrupt the flow of the story. Man, I am just learning all over the place.
  4. Markup magic. As a general rule, unless it’s a guidebook (see: travel guides, my Bible) I don’t mark up my paper books. Sacrilege! Perish the thought. But my Kindle lets me underline and/or add notations anywhichwhere I want. And I can find them again with a click. Plus, I have the option to see what other people underline if I want to. (Guess what? It turns out I’m not the only person in the world ever to think that line was just-so-insightful, so maybe I’m not such a freak. Or maybe I AM the only person (so far) in the world to think so… and aren’t I the rugged individualist?)
  5. Instant bookmarks.  You know what I hate? I hate when you’re reading a great book, and you’re all wrapped up in the story, and then you scratch your nose, or drop your beverage of choice down the front of your shirt, or the doorbell rings, or you drift off to sleep (or whatever might happen to you while you’re settled in for a good read) and you lose your grip on the pages and you lose your place. Argh! You know what happens when I put down my Kindle and forget about it? It turns itself off and remembers where I was.

I’m not a complete convert yet, though. Tomorrow: 5 things that paper books still have over the electronic version. So far.

How about you? Are you pro-eReader, or anti? What do you love or hate about them?

3 thoughts on “5 things I love about my Kindle”

  1. I was also a hold out for the Ereader craze. My aunt gave me a Nook for Christmas. I didn’t even use it until Spring Break when I had Pneumonia. I wanted to go to the bookstore but was bed bound, so I read and bought and read.I love not having to go buy books, that is a plus. I like the bookmarks and dictionary too. Saves a lot of headaches. I still prefer real books though. I agree with all you said here but I love to write in my books. I am very particular about being neat, no dog ears and I do not buy books that others have written in. (No used textbooks for me.)

    I look foreward to your next post! This was great!


    1. Glad you enjoyed… An eReader definitely doesn’t let you dogear the pages, that’s for sure. 🙂 For me the clincher was when I finished the first book of a trilogy and then was absolutely rabid to start the next book. It was the middle of the night, but that was no object… instant access is not to be underrated!


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