Sunrise over New York

My cell phone wakes me, and for a moment I’m confused. 5:15 am. My cell acts as alarm for days when I must be up earlier than the usual 6-6:15-6:30 alarm set. Today I need to catch the train into NYC for a morning meeting.

I rarely go into the city… For all its fabulous culture and significant presence, the city tires me. It’s loud and busy and chaotic, and I don’t know my way around.

Actually, I get turned around 1.5 times just getting to the train. But I do get there, navigate the parking (having looked up the new system online), get my ticket and go. The sun is rising over New York, the city bright and golden and resplendent in the distance. The Empire State building is the most recognizable aspect of the skyline. This is wrong, but it is true.

The ride in is easy, and this in itself surprises me. I wonder if many people are off this week, post-Easter. I remember and laugh at myself… The first time I ever headed into NYC – also for a work meeting, two lifetimes ago – I wrote out a will, convinced I would end up a tragic story on the news. Ah, silly sheltered me. Still, I continue to avoid the subways, in favor of a cab from the train station.

Hailing a cab is no problem, building security is tight but friendly; I feel less penalized for being a newcomer than usual. As hard as the NJ shell can be, it never seems hard enough to protect me from this city, and yet today I almost feel like it would be okay to just be at peace.

The meetibg begins. Catch you later.

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