Did I ‘yadda yadda’ the best part?

”]It was pointed out to me that I said very little yesterday about the party itself.

My bad.

Well, OK then.

It was a party. It was almost 80 people (almost everyone they invited actually came). My cousin was not surprised that there was something going on, just how big it was and who actually was there. (A lot of his friends, plus family on both sides). There was a buffet and a DJ and mostly the kids danced, except when it was a slow song and then my aunt and her friend P led the way.

It was a lot of fun. It was great to see my cousin, and to see the evidence of just how loved he is in all those people excited to celebrate him.

It was also a party, which is not my forte. I had a good time, as I said. But for me that’s about crowd management, and finding the niches.  Parties are tiring.

That said, I caught up with my aunt, and met P. (It is weird to see her with someone other than my uncle, but that is the way of things. P is older, very active, nice enough from what I can tell. He seems to really “get” how fantastic my aunt is, which is very good. He was less than impressively patient with the children in the room, which was less than good, in my opinion. But then, none of my opinions matter.)  I chatted with my aunt’s sister E and her husband. I saw their son and met his wife. I saw two of my other uncles and their wives. I caught up with a handful of other cousins. I left my gift and hugged the birthday boy and sent love from afar, and my own as well. Of which there is much.

Because life is short, and you should say the things that matter.

PS, I didn’t forget NovoDay. I never do. I just didn’t blog it this year.

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