Small victories

I-195 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yeah, I was on this for a (very) little while.

One of my cousins just turned 40. His wife invited me to come up to a surprise party for him, and I said yes.

(It was only later that I saw that it was also Easter weekend.)

So yesterday I drove north to Massachusetts. It was the weekend, so New York was stressfully busy, but not bogged down. I was a little disheartened to hit the stretch of 95 in Connecticut where the sign said there were delays for the next 6 exits… the last time I went north similar signs were posted the length of the trip. But in this case, it was only the one. The first rest stop on the New England Expressway was closed for renovations, with the next one some 13 miles later. But that 13 miles was over just as the bog-down finished, and it was packed with people who, like me, probably would have liked to rid themselves of the morning coffee/orange juice/morning beverage of choice. I pushed on to the next.

And all along the way I watched the traffic the other direction, and thought how much I wanted to get as close to home as possible, as early in the day as possible on Sunday.

The trip was long, but it was good. The party was good. It was great to see my cousin, and catch up with some of the other family. And the trip back was good too.

And I pumped gas for the first time. Had to happen, yo. I could look at that as losing the battle to go my whole life without having to pump it for myself. (Thank you, New Jersey!) Instead, I choose to look at it as a new experience.

Small victories.

9 thoughts on “Small victories”

  1. You can consider yourself my opposite. I’ve only been to a full-service gas station where I didn’t pump my own gas once. It must be a regional thing. Full-service is the exception in the Midwest. I was in Albany, New York when I went to one, and found the whole experience weird. Of couse, I was asked whether I rode a horse to work and how the indian wars were going on the same trip. Guess they had Midwest confused with Old West. I wasn’t even wearing my apron and sunbonnet!


    1. NJ doesn’t even permit self-service for gasoline, so it’s never been a choice. We usually freak out new arrivals from other places, who instinctively hop out to take care of business, only to be shooed back into their vehicles. A quick Google search tells me that New Jersey and Oregon are the only states who don’t allow self-service. The rumor is that NJ will allow self-service later this year. (Nooooo!)


      1. I try to avoid gassing up in OR because I’d much rather do it myself. Habit, I suppose – and it’s quicker! My family is from Jersey though, so either way I’m used to full-serve.


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