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Let’s call that a work-in-progress-blessing

Christ Blessing
Christ Blessing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The message this week is simply fabulous, in that it’s the sort of thing I wish were true (or more deeply true) but that I can’t really argue with too much because it’s more praise to Him than to me:

“God has blessed you with a sharp wit but a kind tongue.”

I love those rare compliments I can’t argue too much with. Although I MUST point out that no one who has spoken to me in the last week would suggest I have a kind tongue. I’m fighting a cold or allergies or both, and hacking up a lung, and overtired and short-tempered, and two separate people who are usually NOTHING if not supportive noticed that I seemed a little edgy and  pretty ticked.

When in reality I was just mildly irked.

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