The future is now

Trump Marina Hotel Casino as seen from Senator...
Trump Marina Hotel Casino as seen from Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina Category:Images of New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Note that the outside looks different already too.

Or maybe a week from Thursday. It’s hard to say.

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City is under construction. Which is to say that it’s undergoing major renovations while it transforms itself from its prior persona as Trump Marina. There is scaffolding in central areas. There is the banging and clanging of work in progress from 7 am to whenever. But the lighting fixtures on the casino floor were not there last night. The line of slot machines in the central walkway is still roped off and being polished… They arrived only hours ago.

It is strange to watch it change around me.

Anyway, the boy is alternately winning/losing some minor ducats at blackjack while I have a relaxing afternoon of Kindle-reading and decent tunes being piped in to my comfortable location, before we head out to dinner and a show at The Borgata.

I wonder what this place will look like by then?

UPDATE: The row of slot machines was up and running and full of people when we went by an hour after this first posted.

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