flotsam, peeves

The weekend is for errands.

(And sleeping in.)

There’s a whole list of things to accomplish this weekend. It includes:

I did a search for TAXES in MS Office Clipart. This came up. Awesome, right?
  1. Do my taxes
  2. Do the laundry
  3. Shop for a new mattress (ideally, choose and purchase one)
  4. Grocery shop
  5. Clean the floors
  6. Change the billing on a couple of accounts
  7. Swap out the shower curtain liner
  8. Handle & file paperwork

Well, now that Saturday is effectively over, let’s see how that’s all coming, shall we?

  1. MOSTLY DONE: taxes. I finished all but the print/mail step, and that was only delayed because I did my taxes via PDF and discovered on completion that my printer is pretty much kaput. (I’ve added “replace my printer” to my To Do list)
  2. NOT DONE: Laundry got no attention today. Well, there’s tomorrow. Or not. But that would be suboptimal.
  3. NOT DONE: I went online to learn more about mattresses and options, but actually getting to a store didn’t happen. Yet.
  4. PARTIALLY DONE: Groceries were ordered and will arrive in the morning.
  5. PARTIALLY DONE: Some of the floors are moderately cleaner. Others, not so much.
  6. NOT DONE: Change the billing on a couple of accounts… oh, RIIIGHT. I meant to do that.
  7. DONE: The new shower curtain liner looks lovely and pristine.
  8. DONE: I had an amazing amount of paperwork to file, and filed it all. None of it was related to the stuff I need to change the billing on, though, or maybe I’d have made more progress on #6.
  9. NEW ITEM: replace my printer.

I put a good bit of online research time into that new item. This printer thing really shouldn’t have to be this hard, but I’m noticing that most of the printers being advertised are all “photo printer” this and “photo printer” that. Not that I mind photo quality printing when I want to print photos but it’s unsettling when they talk excessively about 4X6 size paper. Um. Can I get a little clarity here? Will this thing print on regular paper too? I don’t ONLY want to print photos. I know the whole world is mobile these days but does NO ONE else need to print things out from time to time?

Or, you know, they want a billion dollars for a multifunction printer that will either not fit in my apartment, or all the reviews for the thing will say that it runs out of ink after a handful of pages print, and/or it doesn’t even scan (ie , not even a print function) unless it has sufficient ink, and/or it beeps incessantly when it starts to run low of ink.

Dude, I can’t have beeping devices in my house. I would end up taking a hammer to that puppy.

So the summary for my day is that I got a couple of niggly items off my list, made some progress on others, and still have some things to get done on a Sunday.

And I learned that buying a printer and buying a mattress are very similar… in that they’re both rather a pain in the backside.

Whatever, it was a Saturday. Jammies and wine, anyone?

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