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I came home pretty much wanting to scream No mas drama! …  yesterday’s saga continued and enough is enough … so I am not going to give the drama another ounce of energy-I-don’t-have-today-anyway.

Instead I will share this TED Talks (with quiet thanks to my Superb and Also-Introverted manager, who forwarded it to me). It features Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

You may recognize yourself, your spouse, your child.
It’s (almost painfully) impossible not to recognize the workplaces and classrooms she describes.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it whets your appetite to read her book.

You know, unless you happen to have loaned your copy to someone and aren’t sure when you’re getting it back.

3 thoughts on “Shhhhhh!”

  1. I’m not sure she makes her point strongly enough, but I enjoyed the 19-minute talk, nonetheles, because the subject of introversion is near and dear to my heart. Bravo!


    1. I think she tries very hard to be balanced, and not swing too far the other way either… which is good because with Introverts being the minority (or at least the quieter of an equal pair) that would be a battle she would lose.

      But she definitely doesn’t articulate the **extent** to which “the constant groupwork” is not just less-suited to how introverts naturally function, but (1) to the introvert: it’s actually physically and emotionally draining and (2) to their company, team, etc: it undermines their ability to contribute to their full potential.

      I’m a little squiggly on the end part. Emotionally, her entreaty to Introverts to share of themselves resonates, but that necessitates an accepting audience and a willingness among the Extraverts around them, to give them a chance to pause and a turn to speak. To that point… her wish at the end for listeners to “have the courage to speak softly” — who did you feel that was directed to? To the Introverts, to encourage them to speak up? Or to the Extraverts, to ask them to quiet down? Or maybe both? Your thoughts?

      And seriously, I WILL get the book back to you. Someday.


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